Cream Team SA is a dynamically growing, purely Greek company producing and marketing cosmetics, body and facial care products, perfumes, accessories and mild alcoholic antiseptics, based in Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece.

With more than 20 years ofpresence in the Greek market, and a vision to offer quality cosmetics at affordable prices, it is a vertically integrated company in the cosmetics sector, with a production unit in Europe in the field of make-up, creams, perfumes and nail polishes.



We are the ones who believe in an idea and implement it.

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We are faithful to the values that shaped us.

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Private facilities 1200m2.

Dedicated production and processing areas.

Modern automatic filling machines for varnish, lipstick, perfume and mist.

3.000.000pcs annual production capacity.

Proper waste management and ensuring environmental protection.

The pollutants that arise after the completion of the cleaning of a specialized production machine, as well as the containers of the raw materials supplied by Cream Team SA, are collected separately and received by a specialized company, for the production of alternative fuels and alternative raw materials, a basic principle of the circular economy.


Recycling of paper and plastic packaging materials.

Paper and plastic are separated and compressed, and are collected by the relevant companies, thus achieving a reduction - clearing of the total volume of waste from material useful for recycling.

Rational use of energy.

The production areas are well laid out and ergonomically designed, so that natural means of ventilation, lighting, etc. are used for the most part. In addition, by using sensor technology, cooling, heating systems and other mechanical equipment do not run longer than absolutely necessary.



We are a Greek company with proprietary production, investing in an innovative tomorrow.

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We are the people who work for us.

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Cream Team SA, with over 20 years of experience in the cosmetics sector, and reinforcing its vision to offer quality beauty products and high quality services at affordable prices, remains consistent in its non-negotiable principle of innovation. With its own Research and Development Department for Innovative Products and a specialized scientific staff, it continuously develops new, reliable products and practices that meet the needs of the Greek and international markets. In addition, aiming to continuously improve and develop its practices, it collaborates with Scientific Institutes and Universities and participates in innovative research and development programs.


"We are always consistent in developing new practices that enhance innovation and evolve our products."