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President & CEO Cream Team SA

After a successful career in the business sector, Mr. LeandrosKarakatsanis, President and CEO of Cream Team SA, decided to take the next step and realize his vision, namely the creation of retail cosmetic stores with quality products at affordable prices, initially for women and then also for men.

It all started from his idea, in 2008, written on a piece of paper, which depicted the exterior of a cosmetics store.

This idea was implemented with the opening of the first Dust+Cream store in Southern Greece, in a central point of Kalamata.

In this way Cream Team SA invested locally, opening 87 more stores in Athens, Thessaloniki and important cities in the province, which contributed decisively to the rapid growth ofthe company through word-of-mouth, and made it a long-term success.

Subsequently, by investing steadily inproduction, human resources, state-of-the-art machinery and new innovative formulas for its products, Cream Team SAhas managed to develop products that meet the needs of its consumers and highly improve their quality.

Finally, Cream Team SA has invested significantly in the maintenance and continuous development of its deeply people-oriented corporate culture and in the company’s human resources, with the aim of stabilizing at the top and continuing the company’s growth course through the job satisfaction of its employees.

The central motto that inspires its strategy at every step is:

“Together We Succeed”

Foundation of Cream Team SA
Launch of Beautyline cosmetics and fragrances range
2005 - 2010
Development of the company's potential and focus exclusively on the cosmetics sector
First franchise store in Kalamata
Five new franchise stores in provincial cities
2014 - 2015
Further development of points of sale
2015 - 2019
Investing in production, personnel and new formulas resulting in highly improving product quality
The first DUST+CREAM store in Cyprus is created
Financial Times: 1 of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe
Investing in the company's culture and human resources with a view to the future


Relocation and extension of the facilities to 2.000 m2.
Investment in even more modern, ergonomic design and innovative equipment.
Automation and modernization by investing in:

Modern fully automated cream filling line.
Modern automatic product filling machine for tubes.
Mechanical equipment that will enable the expansion of production to color cosmetics.

Increase of production capacity to 5.000.000pcs.
Reduced production costs, flexibility, management and support for an even wider range of products.
Focus on sustainability to increase the amount of materials recycled, including glass.